Get to Know Our Panelists: Catherine Ashly

Catherine Ashly

Cosmetologist, Multi Cause Advocate, Master Educator & Plus Model

Strength, inner beauty and art personified are all fair and accurate descriptions for Catherine Ashly. Her career began much like most artists, at an early age. Catherine found herself consumed with helping young girls express their inner beauty to their outside canvas and she has not stopped. After serving as a traveling stylist, Catherine began her professional career as a licensed cosmetologist in 2012. Since then, she furthered her craft and is now a licensed Master Educator of Cosmetology. Catherine’s outside of the box approach to teaching encourages students to identify their specialties. By celebrating their artistic differences, she prepares them for a long lasting career. Through Catherine Ashly Beauty, Catherine continues to help her clients see themselves in a light that promotes self-love; one of many reasons that named her business one of Philadelphia’s top salons.

As life would have it, challenges forced Catherine to find the very strength she taught others to find in themselves. After ending an abusive relationship, she stopped at nothing to regain her confidence. This new profound self-love landed her in pageants fashion shows and modeling campaigns. In true Catherine Ashly form, she knocked down boundaries and surpassed all expectations. She was a winner and featured in Ashley Stewart’s “Love your curves tour” 2015 Campaign, and was crowned 1ST runner up in the 2014 Miss FULL FIGURED USA pageant. In 2016, Catherine Ashly began a new venture to create a new body positive brand called “PLUSSIZEMEPLZ”. Inspired by her interactions with beautiful women and men of the plus community, this new entity is designed to bring the plus community of the greater Philadelphia area together through events and forums. Her first event, “The Swim Soiree” was very successful and its connections solidified future opportunities for the Philadelphia Plus Community. Catherine continues to leave a lasting positive impression on all who encounter her motivational energy on and off the runway. Her mantra empowers all women to appreciate the skin that they are in, flaws and all.

In 2016 Catherine was diagnosed with Lupus Sle. Her life changing experience’s continue to inspire and encourage individuals to push past their worst possible obstacle’s. Catherine’s brands affect the tristate area but her platform reach is worldwide. Her infectious smile continues to inspire all whom she encounters. While Catherine continues to break boundaries in all things beauty, her greatest accomplishments include sharing a life of love with James Burke, Jr. and her two sons, William & James, III. A stylist, an educator, entrepreneur, model, motivational speaker, Multi Cause Advocate, mother, daughter, sister and friend, no label is large enough for the incomparable Catherine Ashly.

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