Recap: Kushae Launch Party Atlanta

The same things that can make social media weird are the same things that can make it great; you just never know what you’re going to find. In our case, the co-founder of Kushae reaching out to us and extending an invitation to their launch party was a moment we can file under a great moment.

Co-founder of BK Naturals – Kimba the Natural Diva

I had never heard of Kushae but with the click of a Google search I was directed to their website. Kushae is a feminine hygiene company that boasts of being 100% natural and 100% designed with your kushae in mind (you see what they did there with that name? Clever right).

About the Owners BK Naturals

Dr. Barb (left) and Kimba (Right) Photo courtesy of

As they told us during their Q&A and so eloquently highlighted on their About Me Section of their site; it all started with an innocent conversation between a diva and a doctor. That’s right, Dr. Barb is an OB/GYN and Kimba a.ka The Natural Diva is an ex-pharmaceuticals sales consultant turned naturalista. Their vision was born through a series of conversations discussing healthy and chemical free ways to care for the feminine hygiene.

What The Products are About

It’s no secret that most commercial feminine care products such as Summer’s Eve, Vagisil, Masengil etc. all boast of being made specifically for our lady parts- but how can they be really when they’re full of chemicals that contradict the very statement of “healthy for your lady parts.” Between Kimba and Dr. Barb, they came up with a care system that consists of:

Gentle 2-n-1 Foaming Wash
Protective Feminine Skin Balm
Protective Feminine Skin Balm
Natural Feminine Deodorant Spray
Feminine Deodorant Spray
Natural Feminine Soothing Cream
Feminine Soothing Cream


During the demonstration of each product, we were able to learn about the dual purposes of each of them. Because they’re 100 % natural, they’re versatile in their usage all over the body. Kimba highlighted how she used the moisture/chafing balm on her son’s eczema and even used the 2-1-wash as shampoo when she ran out of her own! Something I really appreciated about the products is that they were literally fragrance free. I mean, let me tell you; I sniffed and sniffed and sniffed and got nothing. That is a super plus for me because it means there is no perfume in the products!


There is no alcohol, mineral oil, glycerin, harmful perfumes, dyes, EDTA , parabens, phthalates, sulfates/SLS, aluminum, gluten, dairy, or soy! If you were to check the labels of some of your favorites I can guarantee you that you will find at least one if not more of those additives in their ingredients.

Did you know that the target pH balance for your vagina is 3.8-4.5 and that the vagina should actually have a more acidic environment? Well kudos to you if you did but I certainly did not! And that’s what really made me enjoy BK Natural’s launch party because not only was it fun but it was informative.

Both Kimba and Dr. Barb were warm and inviting but most of all really passionate about their desire for women to have a healthier option for their feminine care. Their presentation really taught me a thing or two I didn’t know; but as a plus these ladies really know how to throw a party! I enjoyed the food, dessert and most importantly their signature drink The Wet Kushae. Yaaaas it was a fun as it sounds!

I cannot speak for anyone else in attendance but I fully plan to include Kushae products in my regular feminine hygiene routine.


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