Recap: TFGT Presents- One Size Does Not Fit All Brand Identity Workshop

Hey ya’ll hey! So it’s been awhile since we’ve posted here and that’s simply because it’s been a busy few months for The Fluffy Girl Tribe. But, in May, something really amazing happened and I’m so glad to be able to share it here. TFGT hosted their very first event: One Size Does Not Fit All Brand Identity Workshop.


A lot, and I do mean A LOT of planning and preparation went into executing this event. Our whole goal was to connect with women (and men) who were in various stages of building their businesses. Entrepreneurship is no easy task, and often times along the journey we can find ourselves befuddled, stagnant, anxious and hesitant trying to determine where to go or even where to begin.

So it was our pleasure to have the panel of women we did to share their expertise and experiences in navigating entrepreneurship.

From left to right: Satrina, Sharai Robbin, Marie Denee, Crystal, Catherine Ashly, A’Shontay, Shaunte, & Ashley Wall.

The Q&A was moderated by the beautiful Catherine Ashley of Plus Size Me Plz and Catherine Ashly Beauty. She did an amazing job not only keeping the audience engaged; but also helping keep the energy of the panel lit!

And speaking of the panel, boy did these ladies deliver the gems! They shared their personal journeys, applications they used to make things more efficient for them (i.e hootsuite), batch photo shoots, scheduling blogs, learning how to connect with the right brands that align with their own business vision, not being afraid to take a step out on faith and make your small business your full time job and SO much more!

From left to right: A’shontay of Christian Omeshun speaking facts while Shaunte of Center Stage Events and Ashley Wall of Simply Curvee look on.

I personally learned a lot from these ladies and found more than a few takeaways to apply in my own personal brand. One of the highlights for everyone I’m sure, was to have The Curvy Fashionista herself, Marie Denee, come through and light up the room with her humble and positive presence as she shared how she became a powerhouse in the plus business community and even opened doors to spotlight smaller brands and businesses.

Marie Denee of the Curvy Fashionista

One of the key points she drove home was to focus on what YOU do, and not to be distracted by what everyone else is doing because everything is not always as it’s portrayed. She shared how losing her job forced her to take a chance on herself and once she fully committed to herself how she never looked back.


There wasn’t a person in the room who was in business for themselves that wasn’t able to takeaway something! And while I want to spill all the beans, it’s something you just had to be there for!


But let me not be remiss in sharing our awesome vendors who came to participate! How amazing it was to have small business owners in the building as living examples of the exact thing our panel was talking about! Our vendors included:

Virgo Nicole Collection, Kloset Threads, Shop Thiq Inc., Lashed and Loved, Shantress Sada, Wrap Girl Magic, & our very own Lorenza James by Elle Dove.

Shantress Sada


Wrap Girl Magic chatting it up with Lush Diva of Lashes by Lush


Vanessa of Kloset Threads
Lashed and Loved
Lashed and Loved in the building with Nick of Royal_Visionz Photography and APY Blog Assistant Extraordinaire Khalid.

We’d also like to give a huge thank you to all of our awesome sponsors who helped make our first event such a success! Our sponsors included:



What we here at The Fluffy Girl Tribe loved most was the support that was shown from everyone who took the time out of their schedule to come to our event. We understand that for those who did attend; they could’ve been anywhere but they chose to be with us and we love ’em for it! We look forward to bringing you all more events geared toward the empowerment of women in business!

Checkout some of our favs posing in front of our awesome backdrop sponsored by Accentuate_ep!



lush diva
Kayla of Lush Diva & Lashes by Lush
The gorgeous StatuesqueGlam
Isn’t Stephanie Bijoux such a doll?! We thought so!
Look at our bae Tierra of The Curvy Girl Chronicles

Be sure to stay tuned for what we bring next and be sure to check out the rest of the photos below!

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