Review: 640 West Cafe

Moving to Atlanta from Philly 4 years ago was quite the adjustment to say the least. Atlanta is beautiful and has a plethora of places to visit and offers so much in terms of culture.

But, I have to admit I’ve been slow to give some places a shot because I hold them to the standard of Philly.

Is it fair?

Nah, but at least I’m honest! Lol

That’s why when an audition brought me to 640 West Cafe a few months ago; I bookmarked the idea that I would visit again during business hours.

It just so happens that a business meeting with The Fluffy Girl Tribe provided that opportunity for a visit!

My hubby and I showed up with my daughter/intern in tow; so we took the opportunity to eat!

I ordered The Experience Sandwich (which consisted of fresh veggies and chicken salad on a croissant).

And I completed my dinner with a delicious German Chocolate Cake!

I was completely satisfied with the quality of my food! But more importantly I was really pleased with the customer service provided by the chef and cashier Jay.

Jay, owner of 640 West Cafe with The Fluffy Girl Tribe

He was exceptionally polite, attentive, friendly and committed to providing great service.

After the rest of TFGT arrived and our meeting commenced, Elle pointed out that Jay was in fact the owner!

The establishment itself has relaxed soulful vibes. There are a variety of seating options to suit your needs. Whether you’re coming to study and need to charge your laptop or phone, that option is available. Just want to lounge and read a book in a cozy little nook? That’s available too. Or maybe you just wanna have a little lunch date or smoothie in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere; that’s an option as well.

Image credit: 640 West Cafe
Image credit: Fisum Keberabe
Image credit: Fisum Keberabe

The food options were diverse and inclusive of vegan and vegetarian diets. The desserts were homemade and the pound cake was made by his mama! I took a bite of Hubby’s and he almost didn’t get it back!

The atmosphere was very much like many establishments I frequented in Philly; and that made it all the more cozy and homelike for me!

I’m pleased to say that 640 West was a hit for me and the Fluffies! I think its safe to say we’ll be back!

Will you try it?

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