A designer celebration: Happy Anniversary Fluffies

Fellow fluffies of the world we did it!!!! The Fluffy Girl Tribe turned 1. WOW!!!! It has been an amazing year of discovery and growth both individually and as a group.

In true fluffy style we celebrated our anniversary with a photo shoot supporting a couple of our favorite indie designers.

We wanted to take the time to properly share this ultra talented plus designer who definitely has a heart that matches ours for the plus community Ms. Wendy Striggles owner and designer of The Wendy S. Collection. Check out her interview below.

The Wendy S Collection mission:

The Wendy S. Collection is a casual chic plus size womenswear brand. We offer the perfect vacation wardrobe for the modern bohemian woman. Our goal is to provide you with quality style that can be worn day or night. We believe clothing should not only be stylish but comfortable!



1. We know that you are a designer, so what or who inspires your collections or garments that you make?

My inspiration process might seem funny to some! 1. Where and what type of vacation is my customer going on. 2. She listens to Rick Ross and Beyonce. 3. She needs to be stylish and comfortable

So while I sketch; I answer those questions while listening to Rick Ross and Beyonce. Sometimes I will go to the beach to people watch.

2. How long have you been designing? What are some challenges you have faced as a business owner?

I’ve been in love with fashion since the age of 10. My mother would make me watch Style on CNN and Lifestyles of the Rich every Saturday Morning. I was inspired by those shows! In the 4th grade I sketched a plus size collection named Our Time. I even made a logo for it! I grew up, had kids, and put my dreams on hold. I decided to make my dream a reality in 2007 by creating Big Girlz Inc.

As a business owner my biggest challenge is MYSELF. I have self doubt about everything I do. I have passed up some great opportunities because of the ” I AM NOT READY or GOOD ENOUGH” voice. I promised myself in 2018 that I deserve whatever GOD places before me. I have a great support team that pushes me.

3. How important is it for you to collaborate with other entrepreneurs? Have you faced any noteworthy challenges in the process?

As creatives in the plus community, we have a tendency to not want to share and celebrate each other. But we are doing a disservice to not only ourselves but our customers. We are here to motivate, inspire, and push our plus community forward with our GOD given talent! Fashion Design.

It’s so important to work with other entrepreneurs who are passionate about their craft and want everyone involved to succeed. These gifts that we entrepreneurs have aren’t just for us to showboat. We are blessed with skills to inspire people with our words, products, and talents. I like to work with others that understand it isn’t always just about the money but it is always about inspiring others.

The ego has been my biggest challenge when it comes to working with other entrepreneurs. I’ve wanted to collaborate with so many designers and bloggers but their ego’s were bigger than their talent.


“The ego has been my biggest challenge when it comes to working with other entrepreneurs. I’ve wanted to collaborate with so many designers and bloggers but their ego’s were bigger than their talent.”

4. What are your top three accomplishments since you’ve started designing?

1. Making my dream a reality in 2007 as Big Girlz inc and rebranding into The Wendy S Collection in 2016.

2. Having women say they feel beautiful in my garments

3. Kelly Price wearing one of my garments for a photoshoot styled by designer Reco Chapple


5. How important is it to you for a brand to know there strengths and weaknesses?

You have to know your strengths in order for your brand to survive! Your going to need to rely on those strengths to push you through the process when your weaknesses get overwhelming.

Knowing your weaknesses are gives your strength as well. You should be setting goals to tackle your weaknesses. You should not be going into the next phase of your brand with the same weaknesses! Destroy them bit by bit. Get you a support team, watch YouTube to perfect your craft, ask for help, and Always Pray!


6. What sets your brand apart from other brands?

I’ve never thought about what sets us apart. I just celebrate the fact that plus size women finally have a variety of brands and designs to choose from! I’m extra excited that The Wendy S Collection is an option in the plus community.

If anything I am inspired by soooo many indie brands! It takes guts to do what we do.


“…I am inspired by soooo many indie brands! It takes guts to do what we do.”

7. Do you only cater to the plus community? If so would you ever consider becoming all inclusive (carry straight sizes) and why?

Yes I only cater to the plus community. I grew up in a time when there weren’t many style options for us plus sized women. My passion is not about straight size inclusion, never will be. My passion is about design/style inclusivity. The plus community needs more style options when it comes to fashion.


8. Do you have any upcoming events?

No upcoming events for 2018. Right now we’re discussing 2019 business goals. Either sign up for our mailing list and/or follow us on Instagram to stay updated!

Thank you so much to Wendy for partnering with us and taking the time out for this amazing interview.

You all can follow her on Instagram and Facebook and shop her here ESPECIALLY on this small business Saturday.

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